KEESSON Container Unit for Pop-up Shops

Item No.: JC23c
The shipping packing KEESSON has a unique corrugated appearance. Through the combination with different industries, it can realize its diversified functions and give full play to its creativity.
Description Manufacturing Unit Parameter

Exterior Layout

KEESSON Container Unit for Pop-up ShopsKEESSON Container Unit for Pop-up ShopsKEESSON Container Unit for Pop-up Shops

KEESSON Advantages Over Competitors

1 ➤ 3.0mm THC Q235B Steel Frame-Long For 30 Years Life Time


KEESSON shipping Containers all adopt Q235B cold-rolled steel frames with a thickness of 3mm, which is stronger than the 2-2.5mm steel used in the industry and 10-15 Years Life Time. 

2 ➤ Angle Piece Drainage Patent


The KEESSON shipping Containers adopt the corner pieces of independent patent design. The product can achieve rapid and large-scale drainage. Avoid rainwater accumulation on the roof, water seepage, roof collapse, and other problems, effectively prolonging the service life of the product.


keesson Angle Piece Drainage Patent

3 ➤ 1.4mm HTC Full Welding Blind Wave Roof-99.99% No Leakage

Compared with the common spot welding flat roof in the industry, the KEESSON Container roof has a faster draining capacity and a stronger load-bearing capacity. Full welding solves the common water leakage problem of this type of product

1.4mm HTC Full Welding Blind Wave Roof-99.99% No Leakage keesson

4 ➤ 80-85g/㎡ THC Double-sided Galvanizing


Compared with the 40g/㎡ galvanizing commonly used in the industry. KEESSON Container has stronger rust and corrosion resistance.

KEESSON  80-85g/㎡ THC Double-sided Galvanizing

➤ Containers are Welded by  ABB Automatic Welding Machine

1) Stabilize and improve the welding quality, which can reflect the welding quality in numerical form;
2) Improve labor productivity;
3) Improve the labor intensity of workers and work in harmful environments;
4) Reduce the requirements for workers' operating skills;
5) Shorten the preparation cycle for product modification and replacement, and reduce the corresponding equipment investment.


KEESSON Containers are Welded by  ABB Automatic Welding Machine

Multi-Functional Designs

Types of Containers

1)  Standard Container
2) Independent Dormitory
3) Shower Room Container
4) Container Toilet
5) Stair Container
6) Aisle Container

KEESSON Multi-Functional Designs Containers

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Ways to Install

Ways to Install KEESSON

KEESSON Service Process

KEESSON Service Process


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KEESSON Container Production Process


Cutting >> Roller forming >> Stamping forming >> Assembly >> Automatic welding and full welding >> Powder spraying >> Baking paint >> Floor installation >> Ceiling installation >> Finished product inspection >> Pack and store

KEESSON Container Production Process

Packing & Shipping 

KEESSON Provides a one-stop service that can meet all customers' requirements. Check more shipping info HereKEESSON Packing & Shipping 

KEESSON container diagram
KEESSON container structure image
KEESSON container size infomation iamge

Standard Container Configuration Table

Product Specifications Length*Width*Height 6055*2990*2896(Inner:5845*2780*2530) Floor Decorative Surface 1.8mm Thick PVC Non-slip Floor
Roof Blind Slab Roof, Organized Internal Drainage Through 4 Columns Substrate 18mm Thick Cement Fiberboard, Density ≥1.3g/cm3
Number of Layers ≤ 3 layers Wall Thickness Use 0.4mm. Al-zinc-plated color steel plate, the color is white-gray, PE coating
Design Parameters Structural Design Service Life 20 Years Keep Warm Rock Wool, Capacity ≥80kg/m3
Ground Load 2.0KN/M2 Door Specification
Roof Load 1.5KN/M2 Material
Steel Door, 1 set of 304 stainless steel door lock
Wind Load 0.6KN/M2 Window Specification Width×height=1130*1100mm
Seismic Fortification Intensity 8 Degrees Frame Material FRP, 75 series, with Screen Window
Structure Prism Specification: L210*150mm,Galvanized cold rolled section steel, t=3.0mm, material Q235B Glass 5mm+9A+5mm Hollow Glass
Roof Main Beam Specification: 180mm, Galvanized Cold Rolled Section Steel, t=3.0mm, Material: Q235B Steel Electricity Voltage 220~250V
Ground Beam Specification: 160mm,Galvanized Cold Rolled Section Steel,t=3.0mm,Material Q235B Wire Total Circuit BVVB-3*6.0, Air Conditioner BVVB-3*4.0, Socket BVVB-3*2.5, Lighting BVVB-3*1.5
Roof Secondary Beam Specification: 160mm,Galvanized Cold Rolled Section Steel,t=3.0mm,Material Q235B Distribution Box 5-7 Concealed PVC Distribution Boxes*1 (including 1 set of high breaking circuit breaker 10A/1P, high breaking circuit breaker 20A/2P, high breaking circuit breaker 25A/2P, and leakage protection circuit breaker 15A/2P)
Ground Secondary Beam Specification: C120 Galvanized Cold Rolled Steel, t=2.0mm, Material Q235B Illumination LED light Bar (LED40W)*2
Paint Powder Spraying, Paint Surface ≥80μm, off-white Socket Industrial Socket (3P/32A)*1, Five-hole socket with USB interface (250V 10A)*4, Three-hole socket (250V/16A)*1, one Switch*1
Roof Roof Panel 1.4mm Blind Wave Plate, Stamping and Forming, Integral Welding Decoration Top and Column packages 0.5mm Thick Aluminum-zinc Color Steel Sheet Folding Parts, White Gray
Insulation Cotton 100mm Thick Glass Wool Felt, with Aluminum Foil on One Side, Bulk Density ≥14kg/m3 Skirting 65mm High PVC, Color Wood Grain Brown
Ceiling Board 0.4mm Thick Profiled, Aluminum-zinc-Plated Color Steel Plate, White-gray Color
Note: The container is SGS tested and the materials are A-GRADE FIRE-RESISTANT. Also, necessary bolts and screws will be provided for assembly and construction.

KEESSON 17 Advantages Over Competitors

Service Life  25-30 years 10-15 years
Welding   ABB automatic full welding Manual welding/mechanical welding
Angle Piece   Angle piece drainage patent Ordinary corner pieces
Roof Micro-arch roof Flat Roofs
1.4mm THC Blind wave steel plate  0.4-0.8mm THC flat roofs
Fully welded Spot welding
Frame Material  3.0 mm THC Q235B steel 2.5 mm THC
Wall Panel 75mm thick rock wool sandwich insulation board;
Bulk density: 80kg/m³
Thickness: 40-50mm,                                        
Bulk Density: 50-60kg/m³
Window Hollow broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum alloy windows Ordinary window
Paint Hang paint on the inside, outside, top, and bottom of the frame in all directions Manual paint, the bottom part of the frame in contact with the ground is not painted
Wires Internal wires are embedded Exposed wires are often used
Accessories Provided by LESSO (fortune 500 enterprise in the world) Ordinary supplier
Paint Film 80-micron 15 microns
Zincification 270g/㎡ 40g/㎡
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