17 Advantages Over Competitors

KEESSON 17 Advantages Over Competitors

1. The service life of KEESSON Containers can reach 25-30 years (the general service life of the industry is 10-15 years)
2. Use ABB automatic welding machine-high-efficiency precision full welding-no water leakage, high efficiency, reduce production costs, employment costs, reduce errors caused by human factors (manual welding is often used in the industry) 
3.  Angle piece drainage patent design- Rapid mass drainage  
4. Micro-arch roof drainage design-rapid drainage, reduce rust, avoid water leakage, and reduce roof pressure. Extend product use time (flat roofs are often used in industry, which can easily cause water accumulation in the middle, rust and water leakage.)
5. The roof adopts a blind wave steel plate with a thickness of 1.4mm-stronger pressure resistance and longer service life than flat roofs in the industry (flat roofs with a steel plate thickness of 0.4-0.8mm are commonly used in the industry)
6. The KEESSON  roof is filled with 100mm thick insulation cotton, which has the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation and fire prevention.
7. KEESSON roofs are all fully welded-with better waterproof performance (spot welding is usually used in the industry, which is prone to water leakage)
8. Use 3.0 mm thick Q235B steel as the frame material (the thickness of steel commonly used in the industry is 2.5 mm) 

9. The built-in drainage pipe has organized drainage-efficient and large drainage to prevent water accumulation and rust. 

10.The standard configuration of 75mm thick rock wool sandwich insulation board, rock wool bulk density: 80kg/m³, high fire rating (the industry commonly used thickness is 40-50mm, bulk density is 50-60kg/m³ rock wool)  

11. KEESSON uses hollow broken bridge thermal insulation aluminum alloy windows, which has good thermal insulation effect. KEESSON  Containers are suitable for tropical high-temperature areas.

12. Hang paint on the inside, outside, top and bottom of the frame in all directions-stronger anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability (usually manual paint is used in industry, and the bottom part of the frame in contact with the ground is not painted) 

13. KEESSON floor adopts 18mm thick cement fiberboard, with a bulk density of 150-300kg/m³-with stronger carrying capacity

14. Built-in double-layer rubber insulation internal wires are embedded, safe and stable (commonly exposed wires are often used in the industry) 

15. Wires, switches, sockets, sanitary ware and other accessories are provided by LESSO, high-quality products are guaranteed (fortune 500 enterprise in the world) 

16. The 80-micron thick paint film is 2-3 times thicker than that in the industry and has stronger rust and corrosion resistance (the paint film thickness commonly used in the industry: about 15 microns) 

17. Double-sided 80-85g/㎡ galvanized-with longer anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance: (the thickness of galvanizing commonly used in the industry: 40g/㎡)
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