International Top Production Line

Efficient and Powerful Production Line-lasting Protection of the Interests of Agents

The automated production line not only saves labor costs, reduces the waste ratio, but also greatly improves production efficiency. Compared with traditional small workshops, professional automated production lines reduce production costs in all aspects, thus providing agents with more attractive profit margins.


1. Fortune 500 Company in World

2. $15 million Fully-automatic Production Line

3. The Flat-pack Container Production Line

4. ABB Automatic Welding Machine

5. Automatic Conveying System

6.The steel structure production line

7. CNC flame cutting machine

8.2000-TYPE set-up machine

9.30 MM shearing machine

10.single wire/double wire gantry submerged arc welding machine

11.60B/40A correction machine

12. 50 MM CNC plane drill

13. 25 MM CNC punching

14. Throwing headshot blasting machine

15.  Rocker arm drill


Large-scale Production Lines Can Realize Large-scale Purchases And Shorten the Construction Period


1. Daily Produce Capacity for Flat-pack Container is More Than 200 Units 

2. Shipping Container Production Line: Annual Output of More Than 60,000 Units

3.The Steel Structure Production Line: Reach More Than 30,000 Tons/year.

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