KEESSON Portable Collapsible Container House

Item No.: ZD6
PRODUCT TYPE: Foldable Container
MOQ: 1 Unit
APPLICATION: Residential House, pop-up shops, office, workshop,
ADVANTAGE FEATURES: Cost-effective, safe and durable, Eco-friendly, fast and easy assembly, Easy to transport.
KEESSON Portable Collapsible Container HouseKEESSON Portable Collapsible Container HouseKEESSON Portable Collapsible Container House

KEESSON Folding Container Configuration List

Specification Length*width*height External dimensions: length 5800mm*width 2440mm*height 2620mm
Internal dimensions: length 5620mm*width 2260mm*height 2440mm
Roof form Roof form and material
Folded state 505mm (height)
Net weight 1160KG
Drainage form External drainage organization
Number of layers ≤2 layers
Roof External roof 0.45mm cover steel plate + 40mm glass wool + ceiling steel plate 0.3mm
Internal suspended ceiling 12 kg 50mm 0.326 Dongshang foam sandwich panel
Insulation board 8kg 50mm 0.236 foam sandwich panel
Framework T1.2mm special-shaped pass material Q235
Hanging head T16mm Q235 steel plate
Floor Framework Bottom side beam: t1.2mmQ235 galvanized steel pipe
End side beam: t1.2mmQ235 galvanized steel pipe
Beam: t1.2mmQ235 galvanized steel pipe
Bottom plate T16mm magnesium oxychloride fireproof floor
Side Panel All outer/end plates 8kg 50mm 0.236 foam sandwich panel
Framework T1.2mm Q235 galvanized steel pipe
Door 1 exterior door Steel frame; inner frame size: 977mm*2360mm
Window / 2*Aluminum alloy white unilateral sliding window, frame 930/1200mm
Folding Hinge / T3mm 180*76 galvanized hinge
Electrical System / Electrical wiring must be safe and concealed and installed in strict accordance with moisture-proof specifications. All electrical products must comply with CE certification and support European certification.
Technical Index / Voltage 220V, 50HZ
Circuit Composition / Connect the circuit according to the circuit engineering specifications. Indoor: wall socket. Light switch, LED light 2x16w.
Socket Distribution / Ceiling 16A three plugs*2, 10A five plugs with a switch at the front, one 16A air conditioning socket at the back, five plugs and six.
Protective Coating Overall framework Electro-galvanized: zinc 10 microns; primer coating: zinc-rich 20 microns; topcoat: polyurethane topcoat 50 microns; total coating thickness: 80 microns.

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