KEESSON HDPE Plastic Portable Public Squat Toilet for Sale

Item No.: T4
With strong plastic material, HDPE Portable Public Toilet is an ideal solution to provide sanitation for large outdoor events, which is durable and reusable.
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Advantages of the Integrated Mobile Squat Toilets  


1 ➤ Strong & Sturdy

Cold-resistant, Heat resistant, Acid, and Alkali Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, UV Resistant, Resistant to Various Types of Salt Corrosion. Electrical Insulation, Strong Rigidity, Strong Plasticity, Easy to Clean, Non-toxic, and Tasteless. Chemically Stable, Long for 15 Years Service Life.


2 ➤ Easy and Fast Assembly. KEESSON Toilets Can be Disassembled Repeatedly, Recyclable


3 ➤ Bring Your Own Wastewater Tank and Water Tank, No External Septic Tank, and Water Source.

KEESSON HDPE Plastic Portable Public Squat Toilet for Sale

KEESSON HDPE Plastic Portable Public Squat Toilet for Sale

KEESSON Advanced Features- the Points You Care About Most

➤Q: Unsightly Discharge Process?

A: KEESSON Toilets are suitable for a variety of sewage discharge methods and completes the sewage discharge operation efficiently and hygienic

1. Pull out the storage box and pour directly
2. Open the toilet and use the sewage pipe to pump
3. Drain the sewage with the sewage valve device

➤Q: Lightweight-easy to Overturned?

A: The KEESSON product weighs 100-120 kg and can be placed directly without tipping


➤Q: Discharge Too Frequently?

A: The frequency of sewage discharge is mainly determined by the size of the sewage storage tank. KEESSON provides size options ranging from 36L to 180L to meet the needs of different customers


➤Q: Incomplete Deodorization, Toilets have an Odor

A: KEESSON can be equipped with an exhaust fan and aroma sprayer for exhaust and deodorization


➤Q: Hygienic Problems Caused by Exposure to Public Toilets

A: KEESSON uses a Hand-free foot pump to refuse contact during the COVID-19 pandemic to cause more hygiene problems.

Packing & Shipping

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KEESSON Service Process

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Product Parameter Table

Product Name HDPE Plastic Portable Public Squat Toilet
Material HDPE-anti-UV
Outer size 1150*1150*2300
Inner size 1120*1120*1920
Weight 115KG
Water Tank Yes-180L Capacity
Waste Tank Yes-390L Capacity
Optional Colors Gray, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Standard Accessory Squat toilet pan, Washing facilities, Water tap, Lock, Mirror, Waste tank, Ven pipe, Gender indicator, In-use sign, Skid feet
Optional Accessory Urinal, Air freshener dispenser, Shower, Lifting rings, Hook, Light, Ventilation fan, Soap dispenser, Toilet paper roller, Valve
Packing Size 3.2 cubic meters in whole,1.2 cubic meter in disassembly
Loading Quantity 10 units in whole/20FT & 22 units in parts/20FT
20 units in whole/40HQ & 55 units in parts/40HQ
PS: Different batches of products will have subtle differences, please refer to the actual product for details.

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