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By KEESSON | 22 July 2021 | 1 Comments

How to plan your container office?

Step 1: Know container sizes clearly

For the flat-pack house, its standard size is L - 5.8M, W - 2.4M, H - 2.89M and its maximum customized sizes is L - 8M, W - 4M, H - 3.3M. With its four detachable walls, it can randomly combine multiple units to expand its space from its width and length. It can stack 3 stories and each story is higher than a shipping container.

For shipping container house, 20ft container is L - 5.89M W - 2.35M H - 2.36M, 40ft container is L - 12.05M W - 2.35M H - 2.36M. You can connect several units into a large modular house and stack at most 12 storey. Compared with the flat-pack house, shipping container prices per square meter is more expensive.

Step 2 Consider the land size for your container office space

Confirm how many suitable lands to choose from the geographic range you framed, and what their sizes are.

Step 3 Layout your container office building 

Determine the numbers of staffs and how many departments, conference room, office rooms, and bathrooms your container buildings needs. In addition, think ahead about what office style you prefer. You can find some container office design on the Internet. The following is a container office made of flat pack container house for your reference. Take the use of full glass to create modern design doors and connect with steel structure to build a habitable balcony.2 story of staggering stacking design makes your office more artistic. Now more and more people prefer this kind of flat pack building because it has good waterproof, fireproof, sound and heat insulation,anti-seismic, wind resistance, and easy installation.

Step 4 Determine the way to realize your container office buildings

You either build the portable office containers yourself or buy a customized one from a local seller or manufacturer. Their money cost and time cost are different.
 There are too many things for container conversions to consider, such as floor plans for office, the pumping and sewage system for your bathrooms, the numbers of ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting for your office rooms, the whole reasonable wire layout, the safe way to stack or combine flat pack containers or shipping containers, the corresponding materials purchase and so on. If you are not an expert in this field, it still probably exists some security risks even if you finally spend a long time finishing your converted containers.  
Maybe you turn to purchase customized mobile office containers from the local seller due to convenience and time saving, but its high cost makes you hesitate. If you purchase directly from the manufacturer, you can save sales commission fees and build your office at a low cost. However, you will also worry that the manufacturer's design level is too old-fashioned to meet your taste. There is a company with 29 factories in China and with a foreign design team that has obtained 46 invention patents and utility model patents. That company is C.BOX.  From 3D drawing to the real mobile construction office,it can maximize your modular office space use with flexible design and competitive price. You can visit its website www. to get a more modern office design.

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